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Goals & Objectives

Goals of The Institution

We are committed to:

 Achieve excellence in Education and Research.

 Empower Women.

 Promote Human Values.

 Mobilize Community towards Social Upliftment.

 Globalize Indian Culture.


In order to achieve the set goals, our strategic objectives are to:

 Provide quality pre-service teacher education including sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge of skills, developing teaching competencies, understanding, interests and attitudes to produce enthusiastic, creative, confident, assertive, innovative, knowledgeable, research – oriented, competent teachers.

 Update and improve the professional knowledge regularly.

Promote research in general and action research in particular to develop innovations in teacher education, in order to improve the quality of education at various levels.

 Empower women teachers associated with this institution through knowledge and skills so as to enable them meet the challenges of life and profession. Empower women from down trodden sections of society. This will enable them to work as agents of social change and justify their role as nation builders.

 Prepare the teachers for shouldering responsibilities inherent in the teaching process towards students, colleagues, parents, community and nation.

 Help teacher trainees and teacher educators to understand, appreciate and imbibe the Vedic philosophy as propagated by Swami Dayanand Saraswati and other great philosophers and educationists.

 Foster understanding, love and respect for cultural and historical identity of India and a feeling of brotherhood for mankind, among the teacher trainees and teacher educators.

 Develop scientific temperament among student teachers and teacher educators.

 Sensitize the teacher trainees towards environment by inculcating civic sense, dignity of labour in them, who may contribute their best towards welfare of life on the globe.

 Sensitise teacher educators and student teachers towards all round and balanced development of personality.