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Principal’s Message


Dear Students,

With on open heart, I am delighted to have you all in our institution where you have stepped into with dreams in your minds.
You are the nation builders. Each one of you will be a tree unto yourself by imparting life (knowledge) in the seeds (students) of tomorrow, the harbingers of new era where there will be many possibilities of growth.
It is a matter of pride that in the present scenario of stressed life style and hazards of modern era, DAV institutes are playing a very strong, positive and emphatic role.
Tradition, integrity, discipline and excellence go hand in hand and DAV institutes bear testimony to this fact. Along with providing academic guidance here teachers also teach the students to remain steadfast on rich cultural values of the Indian society.
It is rightly said that “one who seeks, finds”. The stronger your desire to excel, the more profounder your life will be.
Dear students, the almighty has blessed you by putting in the fortunate position of being an important part of this institution, so that you may be able to fulfill your ambition of achieving excellence in life.
Because of sincerity factor existing in all of you, I hope that DAV college of Education for Women, Amritsar will definitely scale new heights.

With best Wishes,
Dr. (Ms.) Anita Menon